It was established in the city Los Angeles of California. It carries on business in the whole California state especially in Sacramento. It collects fresh and highest quality dried fruits from talented farmers of California and prepares them for wholesale after processing with various natural process. ’nın Those products are exported to Middle East, Far East, some European Countries and mostly to Turkish market after food qulity approval is obtained from USA laboratories. The most important factors for PM Nuts are freshness, quality, flavour, hygiene and reliance.


Products are processed at most for a monthly harvest. There is no harvest product of the previous year or season taken place within the scope of PM Nuts. Our products shall be presented for sale in 1 year at the latest in terms of freshness and quality. PRoducts over this period shall not be taken in the stock or submitted for sale. 


One of the indispensable business principles of PM Nuts is that it established its market in the dried fruits sector in which several qualities are seen on only 1st Class high quality products. Before products are packaged, they are subjected to screening in the factory in terms of height, color and taste in order to be in First Class Quality Standards. An official quality report shall be drawn up by an official quality assurance company by applying several tests and measurements.


It is not enough for us that products are in height, color and official standards. The standar of our products which are collected from well-known trees by the most talented farmets of California from the most favourable lands of California is more tasty and natural than others.


Our products are packaged under hygene requirements. Our products are sold with their natural shells for natural protection in order to be kept hygenic and healthy during shipping and delivery in all of our international sales.


The most important and basic factor in all human and corporate communications is reliance. This is vital and essential in long-term and steady businesses. We concern this as the 1st principle in all our business fields, purchases and sales that we make. Steady contracts based on transparency and details and honesty are our essential principles that we follow during our business. We take the guarantee as basis in international trade and we try to care working with clearness without depending on any luck or comment view.

Products on Sale

  • Walnut
  • Almond
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pistacchio
  • Legumes on demand(by order)

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