Human Resources

As UMF Group of Companies, we firstly determine the qualifications and performance of individuals, then we care to employ the right employee on the right position in order to increase the productivity and ensure the customer satisfaction.
As Umf Group of Companies, we receive and accept job applications via internet and response them back in the same manner separately.

Our HR Policy for Candidates who apply to us is;
to meet them with the most appropriate position in terms of their qualifications and from which we could take the highest performance and productivity.
Our objectives for our employees are;

  • To increase their satisfaction
  • To increase their loyalty
  • To increase their productivity
  • To create an environment for them to give them opportunity in order to improve themselves
  • To ensure their participation to decision-making process directly or indirectly with the Horiztontal Organization Structure


Remuneration system based on work and performance is applied in our company

You can send your Curriculum Vitae to via e-mail or you could make a job appliction by filling the below-mentioned form.

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