Export of Cleaning Products

Our Company makes export to IRAN, AZERBAIJAN, KAZAKHSTAN, TURKMENISTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, UZBEKISTAN and TAJIKISTAN with its commercial experiences in a reputable, quick manner in comply with related regulations. Export Department of our Company renders service for its customers with rapidly-growing Market network, experienced staff and principle of customer satisfaction. Products, which we supply and export, are products that are produced by leader manufacturing companies from both foreign and domestic market. Products which we export are especially;

  • General and personal care products
  • Baby diapers and auxilliary materials
  • Cosmetic products
  • General and personal paper products
  • Baby food and baby care products

Upon demand, we could also supply the belowmentioned products and make special pricing for you;

  • Construction and building materials
  • Machine spare parts and equipment
  • Construction and building tools

Those products that we export could be delivered from customs offices or to your address by international shipping companies which are our business partners.

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