Storage Services

Our warehouse of which project is drawn up over the Standards is at your service with caring customer satisfaction and working comfort by concerning all details for you. In or modern facility with 11 meters height of ceiling, 16 pieces of loading-unloading doors, 10 pieces hydraulic platforms and so many forklifts and equipment for comfortable and quick activities,; we are rendering service with our expert staff who have sufficient knowledge and qualifications in order to find best solutions for all your needs. All goods that are kept in our warehouse in both open and closed areas are insured against all types of risks. Our fire-extinguishing system is established under international standards. Our warehouse is equipped with the water tank with the capacity of 250 tons, high pressure city water available for extra usage, hydrophore, sensor, nozzle sprinkler system, addressable electronic fire detector system with network tracing, 18 pieces of high-pressure fire-extinguishing water cabin, 28 pieces of fire-extinguisher filled with foam, 1 main and 2 spare fire-extinguisher motor with automatic testing program in the most safety manner against any possible fire. Our warehouse renders the best service with reliable manner in which you won’t be worry about your goods with our experienced security personnel and functional specialties that ensures forwarding-rewinding records and watching 16 video camera recordings from a single screen and watching live from internet with 16 pieces night-vision security cameras that make real-time recording and ave 3 years recording storage facility.

Bonded Closed and Open Area

We render bonded closed and open area services within the borders of our facility.

We give a particular importance on the high-quality service manner and reliance with our warehouse managing experience for 15 years.

Thus, we present you quick, practical and economic solutions. Please contact us in order to obtain bonded closed and open area services in our modern facilities.

Container Park

Our area of 15000 M2 which also has a container storage permit/license have a 5-years established foundation. It is free of problems in terms of security with peripheral security wall rounded with 2,5 meters of concrete and steel fences, licensed security staff, camera tracing system and comprehensive insurance.

Since entrance and exit doors are separate, it is comfortable for working, there is no long vehicle queues / traffic jam. In our site; lightning and plugs for reefer containers are supporte with 2 pieces of industrial type transformers.

Our container storage unit uses a computer program which is designed by concerning all needs and which could be easily integrated to storage system of our customers.

Our company aims to be one the best companies rendering service in container storage field.

Please contact us for detailed information and receiving tender.

Duty-Free Closed and Open Area

In our Hadımköy facility, duty-free open and closed area services are rendered for you in a reliable and quality manner. Our company, which adopts the all-in-all service principle, ensures you to relieve from high costs of shipping by sending your goods to the duty-free area in the same facility after they are nationalized in the bonded area with minimum costs. As the same in your products stored in open area, your goods are also insured for several risks such as foundation, perimeter security, fire, robbery and stealing in the closed area too.

Truck Parking

In our closed and open area of 42.000 m2; Truck garage is being operated in the same facility. Our garage could render service to 150-200 constant vehicles and we could render services to shipping companies.